Teaching English

RajoQab Foundation helps people with disability to learn the english language to help them assimilate in their community.

Teaching Math

Basic math is essential for anyone who needs to help themselves navigate this modern world. RajoQab foundation helps people attain basic mathematics in order to reach their goals in life.

SSI Social Security Help

RajoQab Foundation advocates for people with disability  to get SSI (Supplemental Security Income). We have people who recently arrived this country, We educate them about assistant government programs in order for them to live in better life.

Employment Placement

People with disability suffer from discrimination when it comes to finding jobs, specially in our community. RajoQab Foundation provides people the information they need to find jobs and positions they can earn income from. We strive to reach out the employers to make accommodations for people with disability of any kind.

Valuable Information

We provide valuable information to anyone who is seeking help of any kind. We create pamphlets and brochures providing detailed information about programs and governmental assistant benefits.

Helpful Resources

You can find helpful resources here

Assistive Devices

Assestive devices include

  • Wheelchairs
  • Beds
  • Lifters
  • Medical Devices
  • and More.